Real Estate Tips May 22, 2024

Find out Value of Your Home

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a comprehensive report that real estate professionals use to estimate the current market value of a property. It involves analyzing recently sold properties in the same area that are similar in size, age, condition, and amenities to the subject property. The CMA provides valuable insights into the local real estate market and helps homeowners determine an appropriate listing price for their property.

The Process of Conducting a CMA

To conduct a CMA, real estate agents gather data on recent sales of comparable properties, typically within the last six months and within a specific radius of the subject property. They consider various factors, such as:

– Location: Neighborhood, proximity to amenities, and school districts.
– Property characteristics: Square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size, and age of the property.
– Condition and upgrades: Recent renovations, landscaping, and overall maintenance.
– Unique features: Fireplaces, pools, views, and other desirable amenities.

The agent then adjusts the sale prices of the comparable properties to account for differences between them and the subject property. This adjustment process is known as “making adjustments” and involves adding or subtracting value based on the specific features of the subject property.

The Benefits of a CMA

A CMA provides several benefits for homeowners considering selling their property:

1. Accurate Pricing: By analyzing recent sales of similar properties, a CMA helps determine a realistic and competitive listing price, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

2. Market Insights: A CMA offers valuable insights into the local real estate market, including trends, buyer preferences, and competition levels.

3. Negotiation Leverage: Armed with a comprehensive CMA, homeowners can negotiate more effectively with potential buyers and justify their asking price.

4. Marketing Strategy: Real estate agents can use the CMA to develop an effective marketing strategy tailored to the specific property and target buyer demographic.

Tyler Marsing, REALTOR®: Your Local CMA Expert

If you’re a homeowner in Portland, Oregon, and want to know the current market value of your property, Tyler Marsing, REALTOR®, can provide you with a free Comparative Market Analysis. As a local real estate expert, Tyler has in-depth knowledge of the Portland market and access to the latest sales data and market trends.

Tyler’s CMA will take into account all the relevant factors that influence property values in your neighborhood, including recent sales, property characteristics, and market conditions. With his expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that the CMA will provide an accurate and reliable estimate of your home’s worth.

Whether you’re considering selling your property or simply want to stay informed about its value, a free CMA from Tyler Marsing, REALTOR®, is an invaluable resource. Contact him today to schedule your complimentary Comparative Market Analysis and gain valuable insights into the Portland real estate market.